School Building Projects

The scrutiny which schools are under to ensure that they provide a high level of education provision for pupils is unerring. Many factors combine to create outstanding provision and one of the key elements is the environment, both learning and physical. At USL we use our expertise in construction and the built environment; our experience of designing and managing school building projects; and our personal involvement in the governance of schools to ensure that each school we work with is enabled to provide the best facilities it can to promote outstanding education provision.

Our experience of working in and with schools, local authorities and diocese is extensive. We have and continue to work on delivering repair; adaptation; refurbishment; and new build schemes as well as providing professional and technical advice to education facility providers to enable the delivery of value for money, fit for purpose premises.

We recognise that budgets are being cut and subsidised support is being retracted meaning that primary schools such as yours have less money in real terms but are still expected to deliver high quality educational provision from appropriate premises.

We also recognise that construction costs are rising and that whilst Local Authorities and private practices provide building design and construction project services they can typically charge schools 10 - 15% of construction costs to design and project manage repair and refurbishment schemes which, on a £100,000 scheme, could cost a school £15,000. These fees are inflated compared to those charged in other sectors and as a practice we can improve on this in two ways:

1. Using the same example of a £100,000 scheme we can guarantee schools a saving by charging a significantly lower fee percentage for design and project management services.

2. Where schools seek to undertake projects through our new Primary School Collective Purchasing Scheme, we can guarantee a further reduction in our professional fee combined with reduced building costs which can typically save 16% on the scheme.

The way the scheme works is by a number of schools agreeing to commit to works at the same time enabling our practice to tender the works as a single contract thereby introducing economies of scale and driving down prices with builders tendering for the works as the contract is worth considerably more and therefore subject to large scheme discounts in overheads and profits.

Call us on 0800 019 8980 to discuss your requirements and to find out more about the scheme.

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